I have recently turned a passion for photography back into a profession. For the past 20 years i have been taking about 3,000 to 10,000 pictures a year (mostly of family and friends) while i worked in the software and music industries. Before that, in my early 20's i was a professional photographer and I spent about two years photographing portraits and weddings in and around Greenwich Connecticut. I also assisted Rodney Smith (http://www.rodneysmith.com) for a year which was a true honor. I left photography to be in business, and have found that very fulfilling, but i miss being creative on a regular basis, hence the move back into photography. My style of photography is very photojournalistic. I use natural light almost exclusively and my goal is to capture the heart of who the subject is and what he or she is feeling in each photograph. I am married and have 7 children, have lived in CT, TX and for the last 16 years in Nashville, TN. My wife has a fashion company: Kayce Hughes (http://www.kaycehughes.com) which is a blend of Fun, Colorful, Classic and is Vintage Inspired. Please check out the links and the photographs, if you like what you see, i would love to photograph your family or event. shughes@thenextagency.com is my email and 615-915-9182 is my cell.